Senran Kagura 2 Debut Trailer Reveals all

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.03.2014 2

Senran Kagura 2 Debut Trailer Reveals all on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Marvelous have summoned up a new trailer for ninja brawler sequel Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson on 3DS.

The popular side-scrolling female ninja adventure game is poking, slashing and tearing its way onto the 3DS this August, as the familiar cast take on new enemies with co-operative and tag team play. Senran Kagura features a team of talented ninja warriors who, when attacked, shed parts of their uniform to reveal some of the flesh that lurks beneath.


Will you leap into battle with the girls in Senran Kagura 2?

Box art for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson








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There is something appealing about this game...
I can't quite put my finger on it.

Nice I'll be looking forward to this one too, I just hope we get it dubbed this time around since English dubbing isn't as bad as it once was. I prefer to hear my games & anime spoken in my native language as long as it's done well. GIVE US MORE TITALATING SHINOBI ACTION.....& BOOBS!!

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422

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