Super Smash Bros 3DS - Outline Comparison

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.03.2014

Super Smash Bros 3DS - Outline Comparison on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

To outline or not to outline, that is the question when it comes to Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS.

As previously highlighted, the forthcoming portable debut for the hugely successful Nintendo fighter will feature outlines around characters to help keep eyes well focused on the action. The intensity and thickness of the lines can be tinkered with, though, with the option to even turn them off all-together.

Image for Super Smash Bros 3DS - Outline Comparison

On Miiverse today, director Masahiro Sakurai posted a comparison image of the outlines on, and the effect switched off. "They also give off a different impression in 3D, so customize the look however you like," he said.

Which do you prefer - lines on or lines off? Have your say in the poll below.

User Poll: Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Outline or no Outline?

Thick outline
Slight outline
No outline
Box art for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

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