JetGetters Can Soar onto Wii U if Kickstarter Goal is Met

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.03.2014

JetGetters Can Soar onto Wii U if Kickstarter Goal is Met on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Fast paced multiplayer aerial shooter JetGetters has a chance of landing on Wii U through a new Kickstarter campaign.

From Tiny Build Games, the concept involves intense airborne combat, where players leap out of jets, land on others, fire a bullet or two and attempt to hijack vehicles in midair. Initially pitched for a Steam release (Windows/Mac/Linux/SteamOS) with a $50,000 goal, the project also has a chance to take off on Wii U, if a $95,000 stretch goal is met.


Will you pledge support towards JetGetters on Wii U?

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