Twisted Fusion Announced as a Wii U Exclusive

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.03.2014 2

Twisted Fusion Announced as a Wii U Exclusive on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Indie developer Leuvision has announced a new 2D side-scroller for Wii U known as Twisted Fusion.

Pitched as an open-world platformer, the game features a young girl known as Cora, who ends up stranded on a new world, attempting to find her way home, but someone or something doesn't want to see her go.

Image for Twisted Fusion Announced as a Wii U Exclusive

Cora uses a pair of dual water pistols to traverse the environment and take down enemies with ease. The unique aspect of Twisted Fusion comes through a weather and time of day system, where enemies become far more menacing whilst it's raining, and also grow bigger when the sun has set.

Twisted Fusion will be released on the Wii U eShop during Q4 2014.

Image for Twisted Fusion Announced as a Wii U Exclusive
Image for Twisted Fusion Announced as a Wii U Exclusive

What are your thoughts on the look and concept for Twisted Fusion?

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This is good news, the game reminds me of SNES platformers which is great & it's always welcome when games are Nintendo exclusives.

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422

Yes I agree @Vorash Kadan....I had decided to contribute to the campain. I am an aspiering artist/animator/character creator. I pledged 50 to the cause and I will be creating  my on NPC assist hero character for the game...still working on the designs now but should have the character look moves and back story ready soon. 

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