Get Electabuzz or Magmar in Europe, Australia for Pokémon X or Y

By Jorge Ba-oh 02.04.2014

Get Electabuzz or Magmar in Europe, Australia for Pokémon X or Y on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Electabuzz and Magmar are looking for a new home, with download distributions to be available in Europe and Australia this month. Electabuzz will be available for Pokémon X, whilst Magmar will be the critter of choice for those with Pokémon Y. To redeem in the UK, trainers need to pop to a local GAME branch from April 4th.

For players in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, visit one of these retailers:
Toys R Us

For players in South Africa, visit one of these retailers to get your code:
BT Games
Look and Listen
Toys R Us

Selected Electronics Boutique, JB Hifi and Target stores in Australia will distribute the same pair of Pokémon from April 11th.

Codes must be redeemed by September 30th 2014.

Will you grab hold of either Pokémon during the distribution event, which would you prefer?

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