Metroid Director Sakamoto on Returning to Past Franchises

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.04.2014 4

Metroid Director Sakamoto on Returning to Past Franchises on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Veteran game designer Yoshio Sakamoto was asked whether he would return to franchise's he is most famous for.

Known primarily for his work on the popular Metroid series, Kid Icarus and the more recent Wario Ware, Sakamoto has a range of titles on his belt, leading him to work on the bizarre Tomodachi Life for 3DS.

When asked if he would like to continue work on more traditional game franchises, Sakamoto said that he does "not intend to do so", but there might be "various tasks I might be involved in with past series." He would like to "create entertainment that's completely different and that brings new emotions", challenging himself with these unique directions.

He feels that if new types of gamers could take on the medium for the first time through Tomodachi Life, they "might eventually become interested in the more conventional games."

Should Sakamoto return to past franchises like Metroid?

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zelfark (guest) 15.04.2014#1

After the severe (and severely unjustified) tongue lashing he got for Other M, I'm guessing this is his polite way of saying, "Metroid is done forever, another Metroid would simply not sell no matter how good it is."

Metroid doesn't need Sakamoto. This is just him saying he won't be working on it again. Which is fine, because if M:OM was him fully behind the decision making wheel, as he was reported to be, then that's not what Metroid needs or fans of Metroid want.

zelfark (guest) said:
After the severe (and severely unjustified) tongue lashing he got for Other M"


Ok but Metroid is nowhere near done and while it's concerning we haven't heard from it in a while Nintendo have more than shown interest in furthering the series in the last few years. At least it's not StarFox or F-Zero, Metroid will be fine.

I just hope it doesn't have the direction Other M had. So yes definitely what jres said.

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Other than the cutscenes and the game only controlling with a single wiimote and no-nunchuk, Other M was perfectly OK to me. But having a Metroid that's not "OK if you remove this and this", I'd rather have a Metroid that's ALL COOL ^^, so if that's only possible with Sakamoto out of the picture, then I'd rather have him not touch the series anymore.

Setting that aside, seeing how unlike anything else tomodachi life is, what he says about making new experiences makes perfect sense Smilie.

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