Sued | Olsen Twins Wrap Acclaim

By James Temperton 25.04.2004 1

Acclaim Sued
By world's most annoying teen stars!

Okay, we know it isn't massive news, but the fact is it made us laugh so much that we had to let the world know about it. We all know how infamous Nintendo are for getting themselves sued, and for suing other people, but now it is Acclaim's turn to step into the limelight.

The company undertook work on various Mary Kate and Ashley 'games' as part of a deal to bring the 'stars' into the 'gaming' world.

The hideously annoying and worryingly lacking in humour teen-ey-bops have stared in many annoying TV show, including their own animated series. Now if all of that is enough to make you want to either kill them, or kill yourself, you should try playing the 'games'; however, the Olsen twins are not suing Acclaim for making some of the worst titles to ever grace gaming.

The twins have filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court against Acclaim Entertainment, asking for nearly $500,000 in unpaid royalties. In addition, they state that Acclaim "blatantly abandoned the Mary-Kate and Ashley line and has taken the franchise of the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand in videogames and has now run it into the ground."

To us, the idea of there being enough of the Mary-Kate and Ashley 'brand' above-ground to ram into it, is somewhat hilarious. The 'games' are insulting, we can't think who could enjoy them (not even six year olds who play with Barbie for their every waking moment).

To our view Acclaim are well within their rights to make a woefully poor title in this deal, it reflects the quality of the 'Olsen brand' but that may just be our spin on things. One item however is for sure, the Olsen twins mean business:

"The Olsens are trying to send a message to everyone they do business with: we may be kids, but you can't push us around. It's not surprising that the Olsen twins are taking things to court, enforcing their rights -- they need to do that. The word gets out on the street that a performer is not enforcing his or her rights and you're going to get taken advantage of sooner or later."

And before you ask 'Do you have the dossier?', why yes we do, and it can be found by clicking the link below. There is also a link to the source site.

The Dossier

Source Site

We will keep you posted on how this very serious and important case develops.

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