New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Details - Attacks, Subspecies and more

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.04.2014

New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Details - Attacks, Subspecies and more on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

New attack details for the forthcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate have emerged in Japanese magazine, Famitsu.

The report detailed some of the changes and advancements available for beast brawling in the upcoming 3DS game, including the ability to send others soaring in the air to land onto the back of the most ferocious of beasts. One of the reasons for the move is to negate the lack of ledges in certain areas, where leaping onto Monsters could be essential to progressing.

Other changes include new G-rank Guild Quests for tougher challenges and stronger foes for seasoned Monster Hunter veterans.

As well as the new landscapes, there'll also be the return of the Old Desert area, plus subspecies for monsters introduced in the original Monster Hunter 4 release, each coming their own set of specific characteristics and attacks.

What are your thoughts on the latest changes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate?

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