Iwata: Nintendo Needs to Redefine What it Must do

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.04.2014 4

Iwata: Nintendo Needs to Redefine What it Must do on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In an interview this week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the company needs to redefine what it must do.

Speaking to Japanese site Diamond, Iwata hopes to change the general impression that "Nintendo is a company that is just for video games", citing former president Hiroshi Yamauchi's approach that Nintendo should be a company for entertainment.

When it comes down to Quality of Life ("QOL"), Iwata wanted to Nintendo to start tapping into this area, but wasn't quite sure what the difference was "between us and household appliance makers", but came to the conclusion that the "emphasis on 'fun' would be perfect for Nintendo." The health sector is just one of the aspects of QOL that the company are hoping to delve into.

In the interview, he also reiterated that "our focus in video games won't be changing."

What areas do you think Nintendo should sink their teeth into?

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Greeeaat....so instead of Nintendo FIXING what third parties think of them & educating the idiotic masses who CLAIM to know Nintendo yet have never played or owned a SINGLE game/system from them Iwata chooses to just expand into other mediums......I really hate that guy...

It is not wise to speak on subjects you do not know all facts about, nor is it smart to judge a game based on looks alone. PSN: Nintendo_Gamer 3DS: 4296-3029-7422
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Vorash Kadan said:
Greeeaat....so instead of Nintendo FIXING what third parties think of them & educating the idiotic masses who CLAIM to know Nintendo yet have never played or owned a SINGLE game/system from them Iwata chooses to just expand into other mediums......I really hate that guy...

That speech is directed at investors, not at consumers. And investors main concern isn't that people never played Nintendo games it's that Nintendo isn't making enough money to their taste. You're taking his statements out of context. And LOADS of investors say that Nintendo should expand into other territories because they think Nintendo is incapable of coming back to the forefront of the industry the way you say they should.

Anyway, on a totally different subject, I don't think the issue with Nintendo is that they're not bringing enough fun through their games, the issue is that they're not bringing enough technical advancements in the visual department, which is all that the audience demands these days. You will never see gamers cater to a version of a multiplatform game that has poorer graphics than the others. That's all they care about these days, even if the game is the 100th rehash of the same formula all over again with just a handful of different maps or characters *cough* Call of Duty *cough* *cough* FIFA *cough*... so long as it's always prettier to look at,, it'll sell. Nintendo hasn't been able to provide developers with the means to do just that with the Wii and Wii U (though some would argue that differences in visuals between Wii U games and and their current XB1 and PS4 counterparts isn't exactly like night and day like it used to be with the Wii and its competitors).

The same audience that made the Wii work so well at retail has, I think, moved on to something else entirely that's keeping them busy, like tablets and smartphones, and I think the gamepad is the perfect proof that Nintendo is aware of that as well. However not only does the gamepad feel more bulky, cheaper (a resistive screen at such low res in this day and age?), but it also can't provide the same portability that a tablet offers. And we're progressively seeing the surge of gaming Android tablets with built-in gaming controls too, and more and more games for Android detect such inputs and play very well with them! I'm even pondering myself of getting a JXD s5800, which is a powerful hybrid of a smartphone AND a portable gaming console. Ever fancied emulating Dreamcast or PSP on the go? Yes, you can Smilie ! And soon, the Gamecube too, providing that the console has a decent enough CPU! It's right the corner, it's happening! Something that Nintendo can't even do themselves on their home console is happpening on handheld devices. Times are changing and Nintendo is taking ages to adapt.

Having said that, I'm not so sure that's the direction that Nintendo needs to go, as by the time their next console comes out, the market will probably have moved onto something else entirely. The market evolves so fast. I think they rather need something that will really attract attention, something a bulky gamepad with a small non-HD resistive touch screen can't do, no matter how great its application in gameplay may be (I'm having a blast with it and wouldn't imagine playing a multiplat game like Resi Revelations any other way!).

I don't see Nintendo reconquering the hardcore gamer market. The damage is done and Nintendo isn't changing their hide anytime soon to become the kind of flashy company that's at the top of technology that people so want it to be. When Nintendo last tried, with the Gamecube, even though third party support was mostly there, it still didn't sell well regardless, so I don't see Nintendo going back that route. Unless they can come up with a bright idea that will make people turn their heads towards them, like the iPhone or Wii did, which drove people away from home console or handheld console gaming in some proportion, I don't see them making a huge comeback. One thing they can always count on however, is brand recognition in terms of software. Nintendo may stop making hardware tomorrow, they're not going under in this century, I don't see that happening. I'm not saying I want them to stop making hardware, but just that if it comes to that, I can still count on them to make new zelda and mario games happen when I'm 80 years old and play them with my grandchildren XD.

Nintendo making an iPhone (figuratively speaking, I'm talking about the phenomenon here, not the technical likeness) COULD also make even people who would otherwise never even own a Nintendo system turn their heads as well and go...

Image for

Anyway, I'm lost in conjecture, I'll just stop it there XD.

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Darkflame (guest) 29.04.2014#3

The Wii and DS were top sellers without being (for their time) anywhere near the norm for visual quality.

The difference, however, was;

a) A huge diversity of games that the WiiU lacks.
b) A better core gimick. The Wiimote was something new that interested people in the way the WiiU's pad simply doesnt.

Id also point out that historically power has had little to do with success on other systems too. It wasn't till the PS3 that Sony really was top-tear power wise. The Cube,N64, Dreamcast and Xbox all could do prettier graphics then their nearest comptempory Sony revils.  The Megadrive in some ways was more powerfull then the Snes too (Mode7 and custom chips aside). As was just about every revile to the Gameboy in its history.

In short; the majority of game players have never had the most powerfull system. Other facts overwealm buying descisions every time.
Nintendo needs to basically come up with a USP. For the moment those can be unique games - as its too late for new hardware to become the norm this gen. But next gen they need to do something more radical.

* Johney Lee style headtracking the norm for all homeconsole first person games. Easy to do techically these days, and massively increase's sense of depth without needing 3d.

* Work their way towards a true portable AR gaming system on the handheld. Work with Vuzix or Meta. Invest HEAVILY into this as it will take work - a lot of it - to get it right. However, true hmd AR Pokemon would conquer the planet and then some. Nintendos always made the slickest portables in terms of size,hardware features and power efficiancy - all good skills to bring to the hmd market. Nintendo could become THE company in this field really if they are propared to risk investing largely in it.

Oh, and can we stop saying "hardcore" as if theres just two markets. There isn't - thats always been a myth. Its especially not helpfull considering everyone has a different idea what counts as a hardcore game. 

Vorash Kadan said:
Greeeaat....so instead of Nintendo FIXING what third parties think of them & educating the idiotic masses who CLAIM to know Nintendo yet have never played or owned a SINGLE game/system from them Iwata chooses to just expand into other mediums......I really hate that guy...

You want to know the main difference between Nintendo during Yamauchi's tenure, and Nintendo during Iwata's tenure?

  • it's not the amount of money they make
  • it's not the quality of their video game output
give ya a few guesses

It's also worth mentioning the main difference between Nintendo vs Sony and Microsoft. When people say "man, Sony are really bad with video games lately" you know what they also say? "luckily they still make good TVs/films/laptops/phones!" (depending on which half of the decade it is..)

When people say that about Nintendo.. yeah.

No matter how you look at it, Nintendo expanding into other successful (because yeah it really does need success for it to have been worth anything at all) entertainment mediums is a +++ for not just the company's finances and growth, but also consumer faith in the company. Microsoft could kick a puppy and their computer OS would still be the majority-used OS around the globe. For all their hate, they have consumer faith up the ass and it's because they have different entertainment branches, at least one of which they can always fall back on when the going gets tough.

( Edited 30.04.2014 11:50 by SuperLink )

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