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By James Temperton 28.04.2004 1

Cubed3 News Reporters
A warm welcome goes out to...

We had a huge amount of applications for the positions we opened up a few weeks back. You sent in submissions from Brazil to Australia, to the USA and the UK, but at the end of the day we had to whittle down out list of entrants to just two new staff. However we failed, and thus there will now be three new staff joining the Cubed3 Team!

So who are the lucky selcted few?

A big welcome goes out to Fraser Wilson (frazzle) who has amazed us all with his profiles and previews showing to the staff that he is a very well read and knowledgable kind of guy. His news reporter application was also very impressive. Fraser will be offering in-depth analysis and industry reporting at the highest level!

Next up we have Rob Ferguson (Rob_F) who will be bringing lots of new things to Cubed3. An integeral and important part of the new Cubed3 News Team, Rob will be working alongside all the rest of the team to ensure you get the best coverage out there!

The third new face here at Cubed3 is a very familiar one. Joe Clifton (DaOne) will be the new media guy here at Cubed3. Focusing mainly (but not exclusively) on screenshots for the latest titles on both the GameCube and GBA, Joe will be ensuring you get to see the latest news first!

A big thanks to all the people that applied, and many congratulations to the four that got the positions. We hugely look forward to working with you and hope that Cubed3 can become a better place with all this new talent on board. Whilst the new faces will not jump straight into their new shoes, you can all expect to see them appearing over the next month or so.

Keep an eye out for all of that soon!

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