Red Goddess Kickstarter Relaunches with New Target

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.05.2014

Red Goddess Kickstarter Relaunches with New Target on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Kickstarter campaign for indie side-scroller Red Goddess has re-launched with a new goal in sight.

The new campaign is seeking $30,000 in funding to help create the vivid, dream-like world of Red Goddess; a blend of side-scrolling action with "Metroidvania" elements. If successful, the game would be created on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PSVita and, of course, Wii U.


The game surrounds a young teen goddess, Divine, who's ill, on the brink of death and is haunted by creatures from her past life. To survive, our protagonist explores her subconscious to discover who she really is - spitting into two distinctive areas of her personality: "Chill" representing fear and "Fury" capatalising on Divine's rage.

For more details on Red Goddess, be sure to read our Interview with Yanim Studio.

Red Goddess on Kickstarter

Will you pledge support for Red Goddess?

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