A Look at Charizard's New Moves in Super Smash Bros.

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.05.2014

A Look at Charizard

Today's Super Smash Bros. update shows just what a revamped Charizard can do in the new games.

Making his first official solo appearance (Charizard is playable individually in the fan-made Project M), the much feared king of fire will boast new attacks and final smash.

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When pressing side special, Charizard is engulfed in a ball of fire, known as "Flare Blitz". Despite being a "very powerful attack", players will take recoil damage if making contact with opponents in a similar way to the actual Pokémon titles. In addition, "Rock Smash" returns - this time as the down special move, revealed director Masahiro Sakurai on Miiverse today.

Sakurai also posted a glimpse of Charizard's final smash, where he'll take on the Mega Charizard X form for massive damage.

Image for A Look at Charizard

What do you think of Charizard's revamped moveset?

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