New Trailer for 2D Platformer I've Got To Run

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.05.2014

New Trailer for 2D Platformer I

4 Corner Games has shared a new trailer for I've Got to Run!, an eShop 2D platformer for Wii U.

Coming to the Wii U eShop, the game spawns randomly generated side-scrolling levels, where players run for their lives as the amusing Roy the Marshmallow Boy through obstacle filled levels. There'll be three different modes for various challenges - "Endless Classic", "Endless Double", and "Endless Special". Those who are just that bit too good for the default modes can also grab hold of the "Endless Expert" DLC for added complexity.

Players wanting to show off their accomplishments can post in a High Scores Miiverse community, and there'll also be general and announcement boards as well.

The game is heading to Europe in Q3 this year.


Will you join Roy in his dash for freedom?

Box art for I've Got To Run

4 Corner


4 Corner


2D Platformer



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