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By James Temperton 30.04.2004 1

The Urbz
Loads of new details as The Sims go into the city!

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EA have released loads of new details with regards to their newly announced title The Urbz.

Based on the stupidly popular title The Sims this game takes a new spin on the franchise. Basically Sims in the City (but not SimCity) The Urbz is all about reputation. "This rep is affected by how you play, who you become friends with, things you do in the world, clothes you wear; everything. It's ALL about your rep."[/i] commented Scott Amos the senior producer of the title.

Based in the city rather than the suburban areas related with The Sims, the whole basis of the game will be totally different. Jobs in The Urbz are totally new this year. Your Urbz never leave the game world and go off to work; you actually control them on the job for the first time! Jobs are more action focused, such as the Sushi Chef job you get to play.

Amos went onto comment more about how the game plays: "We have an entirely new Create-A-Sim that's actually all in game this year! You can be walking on a street, duck into a shop in the particular district you're in, and change outfits to fit your surroundings. Or, for example, if it's time to party at a club you can switch into your club gear for nighttime! It's a 24/7 lifestyle in the city!"

On the GBA version of the title, Assistant Producer Cheryl Platt commented: "The Game Boy version of the Urbz will feature a vastly improved graphics engine! Keep an eye out for screenshots in the coming months - the world is much more vibrant and realistic looking. I'm in love with the new look!"

You can view the full transcript of the chat right here.

For some more details on the title take a look at the excellent mini-site for The Urbz by clicking here. More details on this title soon!

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