Breaking | SEGA Suprise?!

By James Temperton 30.04.2004 1

Like the Megaton, only hopefully not a comic-strip...

We all remember the mass speculation at the Nintendo Megaton, well that turned out to be a comic strip, but we have more hope here.

In the build up to E3 2004, SEGA have let out a press release to members of the industry set to attend E3. A section of it reads: "Mark your calendars for a 'mystery briefing' event in Sega of America's E3 Room. This is your opportunity to hear the latest 2004 title announcements from company executives in addition to some explosive news - something even you won't be able to guess!"

Lord only knows what it could be, some are suggesting a merger with Nintendo, some say that SEGA are going back into the hardware market with a new console. Of course nobody knows quite what is going on, but our man at E3 will be sniffing about trying to get all the information first. Stick with Cubed3!

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