Special Vivillon to be Distributed for GTS Record

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.05.2014 1

Special Vivillon to be Distributed for GTS Record on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

A new form of the Pokémon Vivillon has been revealed, to be distributed when the GTS service hits a new record.

The Global Trade Station (GTS) has seen hundreds, thousands and millions of critters zip through the worldwide internet and into new homes. To celebrate the upcoming 100 million Pokémon milestone, Nintendo will be distributing a "Fancy Pattern" version of Vivillon.

There's still a fair bit to go, as the figure is hovering at around 85 million transfers at time of writing.

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Would you like to see Nintendo distribute other critters for these milestones?

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I hope this is given over wifi. I completed my Vivillion collection the other day and now just need the 2 event Vivillion. The pokeball pattern is being given away in Paris next month but hopefully it branches out to the rest of the world also Smilie

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