Nintendo Announces Pullblox World (Pushmo) for Wii U

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.05.2014 3

Nintendo Announces Pullblox World (Pushmo) for Wii U on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Pushmo (Pullblox) series is coming to Wii U, with a discount for those who own either of the previous games.

Launching on 19th June, the colourful-puzzle platformer will be reborn on Wii U as Pushmo World (or Pullbox World in Europe), where players once again aim to solve a series of tricky three-dimensional puzzles by simply moving blocks to the top of soaring structures. It may sound a simple concept, but as the game progresses, structures become even more complex, sometimes resembling Nintendo characters and animals.

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The game will also contain a time-rewind feature (think Prince of Persia), where mistakes can be fixed by moving back a few steps, rather than tacking the entire thing from scratch. Those who just can't figure it out will also have the option to skip forward to the next level.

Finally, those who crave even more puzzling action can create their own levels using a variety of tools and share these on Miiverse.

Image for Nintendo Announces Pullblox World (Pushmo) for Wii U
Image for Nintendo Announces Pullblox World (Pushmo) for Wii U

North America offer

From May 28th to June 13th 8:59am PT, Pushmo and Crashmo are available at up to 33% off in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Pushmo will be $4.69, whilst Crashmo will retail for $5.99.

Europe offer

From 29th May to 12th June 23:59, Pullblox and Fallblox will be available at £4.49 each. Those who own either game, can receive a special discount on Pullblox World at £6.29 from 19th June to 31st July (normally £8.99).


Will you grab hold of Pushmo World / Pullblox World on Wii U? Are you a fan of the series?

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Both Pushmo and Crashmo were fantastic puzzle games. I'll definitely be downloading this the day it comes out.

Our member of the week

It's cool that owners of either game (and I have both) get a discount on the new title Smilie. I'm definitely interested in this!

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I skipped Fallblox and will probably do the same with this. The first game is fantastic but, not being a big puzzle gamer, one game in a series is enough for me.

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