Red Goddess Kickstarter Campaign a Success

By Jorge Ba-oh 07.06.2014

Red Goddess Kickstarter Campaign a Success on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

After a lengthy campaign, 2.5D adventure game Red Goddess has met its Kickstarter target and some of the stretch goals.

The project re-launched last month, with a more accessible target - $30,000 - and has since rallied in $40,235 in funding.

Enter the dream-like world of Red Goddess; a blend of side-scrolling action with "Metroidvania" elements. The game surrounds a young teen goddess, Divine, who's ill, on the brink of death and is haunted by creatures from her past life. To survive, our protagonist explores her subconscious to discover her true identity - spitting into two distinctive areas of her personality.

Did you pledge support for Red Goddess?

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