Nippon Airways to offer Pokémon Flights

By Jorge Ba-oh 10.06.2014

Nippon Airways to offer Pokémon Flights on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nippon Airways will be offering players the chance to fly in a Pokémon-themed jumbo jet, with special in-flight entertainment.

Those adorable Nintendo critters are climbing higher and higher than ever before, with selected flights between Tokyo's Haneda Airport and Sapporo's New Chitose Airport being decked out in Pokémon themed branding.

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There'll be an animated flick to watch on-board called "Pikachu, what kind of key is this?", freebie toys and even hotel rooms laced in Pokémon paraphernalia.

The selected flights are:

July 17 - August 3:

  • ANA51, ANA63, ANA73 (Tokyo → Sapporo)
  • ANA54, ANA66, ANA78 (Sapporo → Tokyo)

August 30:

  • ANA302 (Naha → Nagoya) (flight time: 11:45 AM-1:50 PM)
  • ANA307 (Nagoya → Naha) (flight time: 2:35 PM-4:45 PM)


Would you like your regional airline to go Pokémon-themed?

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