Pre-Order Prices for Super Smash Bros. GameCube Controllers

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.06.2014 6

Pre-Order Prices for Super Smash Bros. GameCube Controllers  on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Pricing and pre-orders have emerged for the official and licensed GameCube controllers for Wii U.

Those wanting to recapture the classic Super Smash Bros. experience when the new game launches on Wii U will have multiple options available. PDP will launch a range of wired, character GameCube controllers for Wii U, and Nintendo will have their own official adapter for hooking up to the system.

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Pre-orders have emerged for the controllers, with the character controllers going for $49.95 AUS (£27/$46 USD) on EB Australia. The Nintendo GameCube controller (Super Smash Bros. Edition) is currently available to pre-order on Amazon for $29.99 (£17), with the adapter listed for $19.99 (£12).

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Thanks to C3 reader Flynnie for the tip.

Will you grab hold of any of these controllers, or the Wii U adapter?

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£12 for the adapter seems pretty good considering you can use it with 4 controllers. Will definitely pick one of those up!

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Sounds good to me, will probably be £15 in the UK methinks. Not too bad, and will defo pick one up for sure! That said, don't have many perfectly working GC controllers though!

I hope these will be backwards compatible with games like Mario Kart.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Ooooh its been a while since I was accredited Smilie

I had a little foresight and picked up brand new Gamecube controllers before they dissappeared off the shelves. So i still have 2 brand new controllers, plus 1 that is still in good condition and my wavebird too! 

Although i am hoping there is a Wavebird that is released too!

I think i will just get the adapter although if they release that "Smash pack" with the game,adapter and controller then i will probably just get that!

Nice info, I'd like to see more character themed controllers like Samus, Link, Megaman & Little Mac. I've got my copy of GameStop's Smash Bros bundle preordered. You get Smash for Wii U, the GameCube Adapter & a special Smash Bros themed GC controller with a 10' cord length (I believe) all for $100 which is cheaper than buying each of the 3 items separately from Amazon lol!!

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Yea i'd love a Samus/Metroid themed controller and a Link themed controller. Shit, i'd rather have these than over priced pieces of plastic memory cards that essentially do nothing...

My GC pads still work fairly well so the adaptor will be enough for me. Smilie

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