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By James Temperton 06.05.2004 1

Classic NES Edition
Nintendo like Europe? We never thought we'd live to see the day...

The GBA: SP Tribal (announced last month) was a joke, it was stupid, pretentious and generally a bit tacky, but this is more like it. Thanks to the groovy Cubed3 member Jump_button we can bring you the first details of a whole new GBA: SP special edition!

Nintendo is launching the Game Boy Advance SP "Classic NES Edition", along with eight original NES Classics for the Game Boy Advance on 9th July 2004 in Europe.

This unique console and range of incredibly popular games pays homage to the birth of the NES. The NES console brought arcade quality games to homes all over the world and is considered to be one of the most influential video gaming products ever made.

The console looks gorgeous, and is just a little bit on the 'cute' side of things. With all the buttons and markings of yesteryear all crammed into the GBA: SP shape...we love it!

Nintendo also plan to release a number of NES Classic titles alongside this new special edition GBA: SP system, they are:

1. Super Mario Bros. - Publisher: Nintendo
2. Donkey Kong - Publisher: Nintendo
3. Ice Climber - Publisher: Nintendo
4. Excitebike - Publisher: Nintendo
5. The Legend of Zelda - Publisher: Nintendo
6. Pac-Man - Publisher: Namco
7. Xevious - Publisher: Namco
8. Bomberman - Publisher: Hudson

The Game Boy Advance SP Classic NES Edition will launch across Europe on 9th July for around

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