Fancy Pattern Vivillon Now Available to Download in Pokémon X and Y

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.07.2014 1

Fancy Pattern Vivillon Now Available to Download in Pokémon X and Y on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

To celebrate the 100,000,000th Pokémon traded via the Global Trade Station (GTS), Nintendo have launched a new themed Vivillon.

The "Fancy Pattern" variety is now available for trainers to download in their copy of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y. This particular critter can't be encountered in the wild, so can only be obtained using the "Mystery Gift" mode in the game.

To grab hold of the Fancy Pattern Vivillon, simply hook the 3DS/2DS system to the internet, select "Mystery Gift" from the main menu, then "Receive Gift." Finally, choose the "Get Via Internet" option and Vivillon will be downloaded to the pack.

Fancy Pattern Vivillon won't be available for long!

What other critters would you like to see for future GTS milestones?

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darkflame (guest) 08.07.2014#1

"To celebrate the 100,000,000th Pokémon"

I stopped reading that that word Smilie

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