Shiny Jirachi Gets Japanese Star Festival Distribution

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.07.2014 2

Shiny Jirachi Gets Japanese Star Festival Distribution on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

During the Tanabata Festival in Japan, the Pokémon Company will distribute a limited-edition Shiny Jirachi.

From 1st August until 31st August inclusive, trainers will be able to pop into the Tohoku Pokémon Center and download a level 10 Shiny Jirachi, complete with the moves "Wish", "Swift", "Healing Wish" and "Moonblast" and will also be carrying a "Star Piece" with it.

The Tanabata (Japanese star) Festival celebrates deities Orihime and Hikoboshi (represented by the stars Vega and Altair), with the legend being that the Milky Way galaxy separates the two lovers.

Would you like to see a similar distribution in your region?

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For this generation, the current tally is:

Japan: 16 events
Europe: 9 events
North America: 3 events

So much for global releases, huh?

I would love to see an event like this in the US! Otherwise, my only chance of getting something this cool would be to go on the GTS, where people tend to ask for Pokemon that can't be traded on the GTS. In other words, it would be about impossible for me, and others like me, to get anywhere near event Pokemon that were distributed only in one area and nowhere else.

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