Characters and Weapons Galore in New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.07.2014 1

Characters and Weapons Galore in New Hyrule Warriors Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has released an intense new trailer for Hyrule Warriors, including recently revealed additions to the playable roster.

As well as a glimpse of the eternal protagonist Link in motion, the four minute sequence also highlights Lana's quirky moveset, brute strength with Darunia, water antics with Princess Ruto and stealth skills with Sheik. For the latest screenshots, click here.

There's also a look at the contrasting elements between the different periods of the ever-growing Legend of Zelda timeline, including The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. Skulltulla collecting, mission mode, Link grunting and a load of old chickens conclude the meaty gameplay  video.


What are your thoughts on Hyrule Warriors so far?

Box art for Hyrule Warriors

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Really, really getting excited about this one - so much content! Wish Ganondorf will be playable. Maybe Zora Link or Fierce Diety Link would be a nice bonus too.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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