Hyrule Warriors - Sheik, Darunia Character Trailers

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.07.2014 1

Hyrule Warriors - Sheik, Darunia Character Trailers on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Harps, daggers and hammers at the ready as Koei Tecmo have summoned up two new Hyrule Warriors trailers.

With the game now complete and on the brink of release, new character trailers highlight some of the available levels, baddies and, of course, the characters to step into the shoes of - it's time for a slice of classic Ocarina of Time action.

The first snippet of gameplay footage involves Sheik, who uses deadly dagger to slice up foes, plus her harp for intense, multi-directional attacks.


Goron leader Darunia uses his huge levels of strength to batter the baddies, wielding the Megaton hammer for brutal slams and flaming chops.


Which is your favourite Hyrule Warriors character so far?

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Sort of makes me want to see a redesigned adult Tetra.

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