Nintendo Trademarks Quality of Life in the US

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.07.2014

Nintendo Trademarks Quality of Life in the US on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have also registered the Quality of Life trademark for North America, having already sorted Japan and Europe.

There are three trademarks for "QOL" in North America, having been filed on 25th July.

The first term relates to the usual array of game software, including discs, cartridges, downloadable/installable programs. The second QOL trademark involves more specific "controllers and joysticks for consumer video game apparatus" and "parts and accessories for handheld game apparatus."

The third one again involves more hardware and the standard coverage for handhelds/TV consoles.

Nintendo are aiming to launch the QOL service from 2015, including technology that's "non-wearable."

What do you think the Nintendo QOL tech will involve?

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