Trashmania Trilogy Set for Wii U Release

By Chris 30.08.2014

Trashmania Trilogy Set for Wii U Release on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

It's night time, and all you have to do is collect trash cans and take them to the dumpster. But watch out... you're not alone...

Jonathan Bont, creator of the Trashmania trilogy, confirms plans to release the game for the Wii U in the first quarter 2015.

Image for Trashmania Trilogy Set for Wii U Release

Very little information is know at this time, however a sneak preview recently released by Bont on Twitter, confirms the project is alive and happening.

The full (albeit brief) glimpse can be seen here:

Are you scared of taking the trash out at night? ;)

Box art for Trashmania Trilogy

Team Kakumei


Team Kakumei





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