Sakaguchi Keen to Continue The Last Story

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.08.2014 3

Sakaguchi Keen to Continue The Last Story on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Creator of the Final Fantasy series Hironobu Sakaguchi recently discussed the possibility of expanding The Last Story.

Speaking at PAX Prime 2014, the game designer was asked on whether he could see potential on developing the Wii project further. He responded, "okay, yeah, you talk to Nintendo," noting how it would be ideal on Wii U and "maybe PlayStation 4 too."

As for development in general, Sakaguchi noted how he was looking forward to the New Nintendo 3DS and hopes to work on the handheld at some-point.

Would you like to see The Last Story universe continue?

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Yes - a sequel would be great, but less lop-sided this time.
We had such an amazing hub town last time....but that was it. No other towns or, well, anything other then fighting. Lets have a little bit more dotted about next time! <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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I doubt Nintendo would publish something that's not exclusive... or help with localisation of something that's out on other consoles :/. "Talk to Nintendo" he says... yeah they might do it, but he has to show a bit more dedication than just some quick comment like that. Sure they could help fund the game like they did for Bayonetta.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Yes please! Last Story was truly fun, fresh and I loved the story/ battle system. C#mon Nintendo.. make it happen! Do we need a fan petition for this one?

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