New Details on Falling Skies: The Game

By Jorge Ba-oh 13.09.2014

New Details on Falling Skies: The Game on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Little Orbit have detailed the upcoming game version of the hit TNT drama Falling Skies.

The game, based on the sci-fi TV show, is described as a "turn based tactical strategy game", inspired by the storyline in the show. Engage in covert operations against the Espheni to survive against these alien invaders, whilst recruiting fellow humans to join in the 2nd Mass.

The game features a wide range of missions, character skills and equipment upgrades throughout the story, plus dynamic enemy AI to make each mission feel "new and fresh."

The two gameplay modes include:

  • Resource Management - Customise units, obtain new recruits, visit wounded allies and upgrade equipment.
  • Tactical Combat - Take control of each squad members, with different action points for each, per turn.
The game is due out on multiple platforms, including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

Will you engage the world of Falling Skies on Wii U?

Box art for Falling Skies: The Game

Little Orbit


Little Orbit





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