Art of Balance Wii U Releases in Europe on 25th September

By SirLink 15.09.2014 2

Art of Balance Wii U Releases in Europe on 25th September on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The official website for Art of Balance confirms that the new Wii U eShop version of the game will be released in Europe on 25th September. It will cost £7.15 in the UK and €8.99 in the rest of Europe.

The title is based on the original WiiWare version of the physics puzzler, which was later brought to the Nintendo 3DS eShop with Art of Balance Touch! Notable additions to the game include a more accurate physics engine, online leaderboards and online multiplayer game modes, some of which can be seen in the trailer below.

Box art for Art of Balance

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ahh.. no discount for owning the original or ds versionSmilie

Wow this game was wonderful on the 3ds I know it will be amazing on the WII U with the HD graphics touch screen and sterio sound. Nintendo needs alot more titles like this!Smilie

( Edited 16.09.2014 00:29 by curtiscdragon )

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