Super Smash Bros. Update Talks Mii Hats

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.09.2014 1

Super Smash Bros. Update Talks Mii Hats on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The latest Super Smash Bros. update introduces some of the gear that Mii characters can wear.

Producer Masahiro Sakurai showed off some of the hats for Mii fighters, like a Ninja's headband or rather disturbing looking masks. "It makes me wonder--how is everyone planning to dress up their Mii Fighters?" he mused.

Players will be able to customise Mii characters, from their movesets/class to various different outfits, to create some truly unique fighters to go up against Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and company.

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Will you play with Mii characters in the upcoming game?

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Yes, Yes I will finaly be able to create RYU to fight aganst MARIO  " HADOOOOKEEEN" Smilie

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