Adventures of Pip Meets Initial Kickstarter Goal

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.09.2014 1

Adventures of Pip Meets Initial Kickstarter Goal on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

From pixels to conquering Kickstarter, the Adventures of Pip project has met its initial crowd-funding goal.

Just surpassing the $40,000 base target, the project is now confirmed to be heading to Nintendo Wii U. There are still stretch goals available, including an Xbox One/360 version at $50K, PSN version at $60k and a Game+ mode if funding reaches $70k.

Adventures of Pip tells the 2D story of a simple pixel, Pip, who can absorb enemy pixels to transform into a full hero, saving the Princess from the Skeleton Queen.


Did you pledge support for Adventures of Pip?

Box art for Adventures of Pip

Tic Toc Games


Tic Toc Games


2D Platformer



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Taking a second look at ADVENTURE OF PIP. This looks like a really cool title. I may have to pledge some support. Heard they had him in SUPER WORLD KARTS as well. 

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