Grow to Epic Proportions in Smash Bros Glitch

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.09.2014 1

Grow to Epic Proportions in Smash Bros Glitch on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Those who own Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS have encountered a strange growth glitch.

Various players have noticed a glitch that makes characters blow up to epic proportions, filling up the entire screen in a Godzilla-like state. The series is known for it's size-altering items; but this is something far beyond the norm. It seems that, for now, the glitch only appears in the Multi-Man Melee mode - certainly a case of good timing!

It's likely that Nintendo will start to patch up this particular error for a future update.



Have you encounterd the Giant-Smash glitch yet?

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Quintly (guest) 03.10.2014#1

Hope this doesn't get patched, it's harmless that's all.

Alternatively, if they do patch it, they could make it a Mini game via patch/free download for Smash 4 users (or Wii U Smash due to Smash 3DS might not be able to fit it in or something), kinda similar to what EA did with Madden 15 with a glitch involving the player characters i heard.

Doubt they will do that though, which does kinda suck.

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