Football and Smash Bros. Collide in Tailgate Tour

By Jorge Ba-oh 01.10.2014

Football and Smash Bros. Collide in Tailgate Tour on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The latest pair of Super Smash Bros. games have joined the Tailgate Tour over in the US.

The games will join the college football tailgate tour across the South and Midwest regions of North America, with rival schools settling it in Smash. There'll be a visual display to track if the home or away teams have the edge, with winners announced on Facebook.

The Tailgate Tour will be at the following locations:

  • Oct. 4: LSU at Auburn
  • Oct. 11: Penn State at Michigan
  • Oct. 18: Georgia vs. Arkansas
  • Oct. 25: Alabama at Tennessee
  • Nov. 1: Florida vs. Georgia
  • Nov. 8: Alabama at LSU
  • Nov. 15: Florida State at Miami
  • Nov. 22: Louisville at Notre Dame
  • Nov. 29: Michigan at Ohio State
Will you join the fight during the Super Smash Bros. Tailgate Tour?

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