MusiCube | The Warehouse Project 2014: Duke Dumont - Back to Store Street

By Adam Riley 13.10.2014

Last year was rather hit and miss in terms of the shows that were attended, with Julio Bashmore's night being of particular disappointment, and the highest of highs coming from the amazing Armin van Buuren. The first stop in this 'Return to Store Street' year of The Warehouse Project, saw the MusiCube team of Adam Riley and Marcus Myers attend the 'Duke Dumont presents Blasé Boys Club' night. How did it fare? Was the change of venue better than last year's Victoria Warehouse? What were the queues for the toilets like? All will be revealed…
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The Warehouse Project is all about atmosphere, and the "Duke Dumont presents Blasé Boys" special night was totally oozing with goodness. Whilst scaled back from Victoria Warehouse's three rooms, the two on offer were good enough, bouncing with memorable tunes that kept the mood electric throughout, and there was no disappointment to be had for the entire night. With the likes of Jax Jones, Rob Da Bank, prolific remix maestro Cyril Hahn, the special back-to-back from French Express' Jonas Rathsman and Isaac Tichauer, as well as the main stage performance by Duke Dumont and guest singers (making his live debut, nonetheless), it was difficult to decide what room to stay in. The result was constantly popping back and forth to soak up as much of the dance hits as possible.

Each and every year, the organisers strive to put on the best show for the crowd and the 4th October event was no different; an immensely positive achievement from all involved, topped off by the excellence of chart-topping hits from Duke Dumont: 'Need U (100%)' and 'I Got U' that brought a very intriguing house-crossover vibe to the venue and got everyone buzzing. Coming a close second in terms of the quality on the night was the amount of 90s hits being played in Room 2, mixing together some fantastic hits of yesteryear to keep those older folk in the crowd satiated, and building up the feeling of excitement before the headline act.

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It should also be noted that anyone unsure of attending after last year's drug issues and the unfortunate passing of an attendee should know that the drugs awareness team were on-hand to dish out private and confidential advice for those feeling ill or just curious - no judgements, just free advice and care, and it set the tone for the night. Not hampering or stifling things, but instead offering a sensible attitude to encourage one and all to enjoy the main focus of the night: the absolutely stunning line-up that was busy delivering uplifting tune after uplifting tune.

All-in-all, it was a rip-roaring success with a fantastic range of classic dance themes and modern tunes across both main rooms; enough to keep everyone happy. Despite being smaller than Victoria Warehouse, the Store Street venue brought back fond memories of why it was so loved in the first place - a far better atmosphere within the contained space, bringing out the best of the acts there on the night.
Don't forget to check out official Warehouse Project website for updates on upcoming acts and to also buy tickets!

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