MusiCube | The Warehouse Project 2014: Metropolis Night

By Adam Riley 23.10.2014

After having a blast at The Warehouse Project when Duke Dumont was headlining, the next show on the roster was Metropolis presents MTA Records' 5th Birthday - with Chase & Status on the decks for the main event. The MusiCube team of Marcus Myers and Adam Riley decided to head off and see whether this hotly tipped night was able to live up to lofty expectations. It was a rainy night, but did the heat of the dance floor dry things off enough?

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After a pleasantly surprising night of japery during the Duke Dumont presents Blasé Boys Club night, hopes were high for something even more special from the duo of Chase & Status, but it turned out that supporting performers pretty much stole the show, meaning that working through the packed dance floor to sample whatever was in Room 2 just wasn't happening very often. A particular highlight had to be the Sub Focus DJ set that was so addictive that time seemed to simply fly by. That is the beauty of such fantastic music - the hours just go by without noticing, and that 10pm start suddenly doesn't seem early enough as the early hours of the morning creep up far quicker than expected and there is a desire to cling onto that feeling of exhilaration for…just…a…few…more...hours!

It was mentioned in the previous write-up, and it needs to be said again, that whilst this return to Store Street is meant to be a 'one year only' deal, someone needs to seriously reconsider and keep it there. The atmosphere in general was so much better than at Victoria Warehouse where Room 1 always felt slightly inferior to the smaller second and third rooms. At Store Street, whilst only two rooms were present, each one was a perfect setting, and what helps to form the ideal ambience for a club night? The venue. Warehouse Project organisers, take note! A humble car park underneath the train station at Piccadilly by day, throw in some stunning light shows and thumping beats, and suddenly the place becomes alive, throbbing with vitality, and proving to be the hottest night out in Manchester, by far.

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Be sure to check out the other upcoming events at the official website for The Warehouse Project, where tickets can also be bought for those shows not already sold out. Following the two massively impressive events the MusiCube team has attended so far - Duke Dumont and Metropolis - there is a strong sense of excitement regarding the next few on the cards.

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