New Zelda Wii U Gameplay Demonstrated by Nintendo

By Az Elias 06.12.2014 11

New Zelda Wii U Gameplay Demonstrated by Nintendo on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

At the Game Awards in LA, Nintendo demonstrated brand new gameplay from the next Legend of Zelda title, coming to Wii U in 2015.

Director Eiji Aonuma played the game, with series creator Shigeru Miyamoto at his side, as a number of features were showed off.

Using the GamePad to explore the vast world, beacons can be set to mark places on the map that Link wants to travel to. He can use the sail cloth to float across large distances without falling, and Epona the horse returns with a new control system that ensures she doesn't crash into trees when riding her. Link is able to swing his sword on top of her, plus also fire arrows. A new move enables Link to jump off the horse and go into slow motion to shoot arrows at the weak spots of enemies.

Mr Aonuma teasingly asked Mr Miyamoto how his Star Fox game for Wii U was coming along, with Miyamoto-san saying it will arrive before Zelda on Wii U. They confirmed that Majora's Mask 3D will be coming before both of those, too.

Check out the new footage for The Legend of Zelda on Wii U below.

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"Real horses don't run into trees very often." Aonuma 2014

Some very interesting bits in this and glad we got some casual footage even when some things still look a bit rough, like the sword swing animations on horseback when compared to Twilight Princess'. The dismount attack looks badass, though.

Just imagining how much better it'll be after the Nintendo polish that comes late in development is making me drool. Hoping for a jump like Skyward Sword's from E3 2010 to E3 2011/pre-launch footage. I'm also dying to hear some music!!

Seems okay, lacking life though - something pretty much all Zelda games have not tackled, and really wish they get it right with this one. I want little villages, more NPCs, sub-dungeons, missions and side quests. Dungeons, for me, are important - yes - but they need to get the balance right. Why build such a vast world, only to drain the soul out of it with faceless avatars?


Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

jb - My main concern too. Very barren looking, which was a huge problem TP had. Early footage, etc, I know, but that's one thing I hope they really will address. Might be Zelda's first foray into a more open world design, but barren world was already a problem in fields in Zelda already. Other open games these days have a lot going on all over the place - rarely is there nothing to interact with - so Zelda U definitely has some targets to meet to save it from becoming another boring overworld, no matter how pretty and big it looks.

Wish they gave us more direct feed footage though, instead of just the video of them sitting there. Both vids would have been nice.

I thought it was pretty good showing, but not super exciting. Was definitely worried about the lack of life in the world, too. It looks so empty at the moment, just trees and grass. I will reserve judgment till the final game though, of course. Nintendo still have a lot of development time on it, I expect it to be released November next year and we all know how Super Mario 3D World turned out when the E3 footage looked so meh.

As much as it kept jumping, I'm hoping there was a lot they were trying to hide, especially on the whole "other life" front. As it is, it looks like it's a gosh-darn gigantic world with nothing in it. I'm thinking they're just trying to avoid spoiling anything story-wise, though. I mean, it cut away every ten seconds or so, there has to be a lot there they were just trying to avoid.

The wild stallion joining to run alongside Epona was downright magical; I hope there's a lot more like that involved.

Otherwise, very good-looking so far, if a little rough in some areas (for example, when he uses his telescope the land is very texture-y and has like two trees). Can't wait to see the final build.

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Kinda agree that it looks quite barren. I didn't like TP much, mostly due to this problem, and I hold out much hope of Nintendo fixing it. They keep boasting about how big the world is, but I don't want a big world.

Why would you want a game where you can point it in the right direction and then ignore the game (whilst you talk about Star Fox or whatever) and you're still several minutes away from your destination? 
Having a big world is pointless.

What this game needs is an evolved form of TWWHD's Tingle Bottles. Please let us hide chests with items and messages in this big world... and then let our friends search for them. While we search for their treasures.
Something like that would really spice up the world.
Right now I'm editing a podcast we recorded about this trailer, where we also talk about this. It should be ready in the coming days, I guess I'll post it.

I think the towns themselves have been ok in previous games like Twilight Pricess and Majoras Mask. Castle Town in Twilight Pricess was bustling. Shame that the fields can't be like that as well...but at the same time who hangs in fields a million miles away from the town.

Despite this i still think traversing open worlds in Zelda has got better and better and despite peoples critisims of the Great Sea i actually quite liked sailing in that game although some may think #TooMuchWater is a bad thing.

The worrying thing that has come out of this video is that Starfox is going to be released before Zelda. I am expecting Zelda to be Nov 2015 (if we are lucky) and Majoras Mask is already slated for Q1 2015 with Splatoon somewhere around June. I guess Starfox would be around September?

I just don't want Starfox to fail, i really feel that this is the last chance for the series and it doesnt help if they rush it!

^^^ i defo agree about starfox! really hope its not rushed. i dnt mind if the single player mode is on rails, aslong as iit has fresh ideas. i cant be the only one who is expecting 4 player online team deathmatch that utilizes both the mic and camera.

It's a shame about how barren it is. My favourite place in Zelda has to be Ordon Village from TP. It was by far the most populated and interesting town, don't get me wrong I love all the starting locations but Ordon just had the perfect feeling.

Hopefully there will be a variation on the green grass terain... like desert, forest etc... there is so much potential and I hope they manage to get it right.

( Edited 08.12.2014 15:41 by Sandy Wilson )

We got our trailer analysis podcast up. Smilie (Well, right now it's processing, but it should be done any time now.) I think it turned out well and it has time stamps so you can just skip to the part you want to hear!

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