MusiCube | The Warehouse Project 2014: The Chemical Brothers

By Adam Riley 10.12.2014

The Warehouse Project has been rocking this year, with the MusiCube team being thoroughly impressed with the previous shows attended so far: Duke Dumont presents Blasé Boys Club, Metropolis presents MTA 5th Birthday, and Annie Mac presents. The fourth of a planned six shows rolled around, and this time it was The Chemical Brothers. After wowing at the Victoria Warehouse a couple of years ago, the London duo that found fame in Manchester returned 'home' for a special DJ set.
There is always a sense wonderment surrounding The Warehouse Project. Sure, some of the headline acts may have a big draw when written on paper, but all bets are off on the night itself, with some of the supposed 'second-tier' pulling out all the stops to offer the hotter performance.

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With Andrew Weatherall, Breach, and Bicep amongst the stars, there were plenty of tunes to lift the spirits. The Chemical Brothers brought along a special DJ Set, and the crowd was definitely pumped. This was probably the busiest of the events attended so far, and the atmosphere was rocking, although at times it was near enough impossible to move in the thick of the action. Room 1 being classed as over-crowded would be an understatement! Even trying to get out in order to head for the bar or, more importantly, the slew of porta-loos on site, was painful.

Overall, though, another successful night for the team at The Warehouse Project, with a wide mix of styles to suit all tastes across all ages - and it was indeed evident, with the age range that night going from late teens to those several decades older! That is the mass appeal of Manchester's hottest dance night.

The MusiCube team has been thoroughly impressed by the diversity of the acts present so far, and The Chemical Brothers showed another side of this great set of events.

Be sure to check out the other upcoming nights at the official website for The Warehouse Project, where tickets can also be bought for those not already sold out. Following Duke Dumont, Metropolis, Annie Mac and The Chemical Brothers, it is hoped that the team will be attendance for Jamie XX and Jon Hopkins on Friday, 12th December.

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