MusiCube | Annie Mac presents: A Staple of the Warehouse Calendar

By Marcus Myers 11.12.2014

MusiCube | Annie Mac presents: A Staple of the Warehouse Calendar on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
These days it seems a given that The Warehouse Project's calendar will always have an Annie Mac event. You can almost hang your hat on it. No bets would certainly be taken for this event to be staged time and time again. The evidence on show makes it clear why this is always the case. A contemporary omnipresence on Radio 1 and with good reason, eager punters turn up en masse right from the outset. A mere glance at Facebook confirms the popularity of the event, with a whole host of ticket requests littering the official Warehouse Project page. For every reveller there are at least four or fivedisappointed fans who failed to obtain a ticket.

Cynically you could say some people are turning up purely due to the popularity of the artist, but even so,whether in the know or not, Annie Mac produces yet another pleasing mix of commercial house mixed in with some of her personal favourites.

She brings with her a solid undercard who keeps the crowds entertained until her grand appearance. Ranging from rapper Danny Brown to lesser known DJ artists such as Tourist and Hannah Wants, there is no let-up in the party atmosphere and nobody who could be classed as a weak link.

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However, who was playing is ultimately irrelevant - the crowds would be in attendance regardless. It is about one person, the flavour of the moment. Annie Mac can be found on Radio 1, promoting festivals in Malta, trailblazing festivals across the world, bringing her own personal charm to whatever party she goes to. There is nothing earth shattering about her mix, but does there need to be? Sometimes you subscribe to reliability. People know what to expect and they get it. That is a skill not to be sniffed at and certainly when leaving you couldn't see anyone leaving dejected: maybe worse for wear but not disappointed.

On the evidence shown again on this night, Annie Mac can already book herself a hotel in Manchester. She will be coming back to curate yet another night, bringing with her a sense of joy for the lucky few to attend and mass dejection for those too slow to pick up a ticket. Indeed it is one of the hottest tickets in town, so be on standby for the next event.Be sure to check out the other upcoming nights at the official website for The Warehouse Project, where tickets can also be bought for those not already sold out.

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