Duck Hunt Arrives in the US on Christmas Day

By Lex Firth 18.12.2014

Duck Hunt Arrives in the US on Christmas Day on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have confirmed a release date for the Wii U Virtual Console version of Duck Hunt.

Released on the NES in 1985 in North America, the game tasked the player with shooting as many ducks as possible with the use of the lightgun accessory, the NES Zapper.

The Virtual Console version, which releases in North America on 25thDecember, replaces the lightgun with the Wii Remote. As the Remote uses the sensor bar rather than the TV like the Zapper, the game now uses a crosshair to guide the player.

Duck Hunt releases in Japan on 24th December. A European release date is unconfirmed.

Box art for Duck Hunt








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