BBC iPlayer Heading to Wii U Soon

By David Lovato 22.12.2014 4

BBC iPlayer Heading to Wii U Soon on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

BBC iPlayer, the on-demand TV service, is reportedly heading to the Wii U soon, on the heels of a recent launch on Xbox One.

The company plans to include console-specific features for every iteration of the app, and hopes to launch the Wii U version early next year.

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It's taken them rather a long time considering that even the wii had a BBC iPlayer app... Still though it'll be nice to have another use for the wiiU for when I'm finished Bayonetta

I own all the consoles, ask me anything

It stopped working on the Wii, which I use quite a lot. And what about TVii? It was supposed to come to the UK this year, but looks like another no show.

( Edited 22.12.2014 22:27 by heathenmagic )

Can this not be played via the Browser anyway? I just used my PS3 in the end, but while this is a welcome addition I am surprised how long it has taken. If they could add it to the 3DS and have the ability to download programmes for watching later (as with iOS) then that would be great! 

I have not tried it in the browser, good idea lol! 3DS would be a cool idea, and also the Netflix app - I think the US gets it already? Yeah I have PS3 but mine for some reason crashes on Iplayer and Play TV quite a lot. And Play TV corrupts every now and then, so was kind of hoping Tvii would be out to replace it.

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