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By Jorge Ba-oh 25.05.2004 1

GameCube 2nd Birthday
Competition Winners

As part of Cubed3's GameCube birthday celebrations, the site offered gamers two superb competitions for some excellent goodies. For three weeks For three weeks, site members have had the chance to take part in a very short quiz about the Nintendo's home console, the GameCube, for some superb Nintendo prizes as well as going undercover with Atari's Mission impossible.

Now at the end of the three week frenzy, the winners have been drawn and prizes ready to ship from the Mushroom Kingdom.

COMPETITION 1 Nintendo Goodies
To mark the second anniversary of the GameCube in Europe, Cubed3, teamed up with Lik-Sang to present an exclusive birthday competition to Cubed3 members.

There are two superb prizes to be won including two of the most anticipated titles from Japan, Pikmin 2 and The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords, along with this, the illustrious WaveBird for a more relaxed wires free approach to precision control as well as the bizarre but unique Pok

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