Rumour | Too Human For Your GameCube?

By James Temperton 26.05.2004 1

I'm Too Human For Your 'Cube...
XBOX to get Silicon Knights stunner?

According to industry insiders and distant murmurings from the USA, Silicon Knights, the company that split as a Nintendo Second Party developer earlier this year, is developing a very ambitious project for the XBOX.

Insiders claim that development is still in the early stages but the team are getting along well with the XBOX system and are getting a lot out of the hardware. The title is strongly considered to be the long anticipated Too Human, and will only be out on the XBOX.

This could open the doors to Silicon Knights making numerous console specific titles, as well as supporting all three with multi-format games.

As of yet all of the above is unconfirmed and could turn out to be totally unfounded, but talk of such goings-on has been reaching us with increasing regularity, so we felt compelled to tell you all.

Don't go crying now...

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