Itagaki: Devil's Third is Almost Complete

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.12.2014 1

Itagaki: Devil

Producer of Devil's Third, Tomonobu Itagaki, has confirmed that the game's development is coming to a close.

Speaking to Japanese website 4Gamer this week, Itagaki teased that the Wii U exclusive game is "just about done," highlighting how the project has been in development for around six years, with two spent on designs.

It is the first title since he left Tecmo and formed Valhalla Game Studios, and so the team wanted to go "all out" on the project.

Despite being practically finished, the "release date announcement will still take a little longer," he said, presumably due to testing and finishing touches. "It's loads of fun!"

Are you planning on picking up Devil's Third on Wii U?

Box art for Devil's Third

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Looks terrible and just as bad as Red Steel. I'd be surprised if this reviews well let alone sells well. Just reminds me of something we expected from a game 10 years ago. Not something for 2015!

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