Select European Club Nintendo Members Able to Purchase New 3DS Early!

By Rudy Lavaux 06.01.2015 18

Select European Club Nintendo Members Able to Purchase New 3DS Early! on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Lucky European Club Nintendo members may have received today an email from Nintendo Europe informing them that, to reward them for their faithful patronage and loyalty, they are offered to purchase, right now, their New Nintendo 3DS in an "Ambassador Edition" pack, at the price of £179.99 / €199.99, and to receive them within just a few days, well ahead of the yet unannounced official European release!

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The rundown for the contents of the package is as follows :

  • A New Nintendo 3DS (White) with exclusive Ambassador Edition back plate, a 4GB microSDHC card, AR cards, a quick start guide and the user's manual (value £155.99 / €169.99)
  • An exclusive Ambassador Edition front plate (value £7.67 / €9.67)
  • Super Smash Bros. front and back plates (value £7.67 / €9.67)
  • A white charging cradle (value £7.67 / 9.67€)

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Consoles are, according to Nintendo themselves, ready to ship within 3 to 5 week days, and the offer to purchase it early lasts only until January 12th at midnight!

No firm release date for the console has been announced yet in Europe or North America, so it's unknown how much longer other potential buyers will have to wait to get their own hands on the system, so European Club Nintendo members interested in the offer should check their email right away to see if they are among the lucky ones, or they may try to log into the New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Offer page, right here.

Are you among the lucky ones? Will you jump on the occasion to strut with you shiny Ambassador New Nintendo 3DS in front of your friends? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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I just bought one! They look really nice.

edit: can someone explain to me why I thought this was a good idea? I already have a zelda XL...

Oh well, good thing I get paid tomorrow!

( Edited 06.01.2015 11:29 by Sandy Wilson )

terence (guest) 06.01.2015#2 offer online now. Bit dissapointed that no XL available..but cannot resist.

Got the mail but for some reason can't login. The page just doesn't respond
At all. Thankfully I still have a couple days to sort this out...

~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

Would have been pretty tempted to get it, had it been the New XL. I can't go back to small screens now.

Our member of the week

Faust D said:
Got the mail but for some reason can't login. The page just doesn't respond
At all. Thankfully I still have a couple days to sort this out...

It did that for me earlier too but it worked after a couple attempts.

I'm like Marzy, not eaxctly in a hurry to get my hands on one when there are no games out yet that take advantage of it AND it's not the XL, so that's too bad.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Yup, I got the offer and I'm tempted, but I'd rather hold out for the XL.

Same here, got an email. Still holding out for a black xl though, the announcement must be soon.

( Edited 06.01.2015 17:21 by Phoenom )

Our member of the week

Interesting to see that  lot of people want the XL more, enough so to pass the opportunity to jump on the system so early Smilie.

I must admit, too, the price is making me hold out as well, cause I don't care for the added value of addiitonal plates and a charging cradle which is forced onto you when you purchase. I'd rather wait a bit more and only pay for what I really want to own.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I've been told mine will arrive tomorrow. Smilie

Also I wanted the smaller one not due to the extra things although they are nice but mostly because I want my 3ds to fit in my pocket.

I didn't get the offer, but 2 of my friends did. One already ordered it, the other is still unsure about the whole deal. I told him that he could get it now, sell it with profit and then wait for the edition that he really wants (like a Zelda one).

Ah screw it, ordered mine. At least if I'm not keen on it I can sell it and get an nXL. Smilie

Glad I sold my regular XL a few days ago and had the money ready and waiting. Couldn't have timed it better! Smilie

( Edited 06.01.2015 22:20 by Phoenom )

Think I pissed Nintendo off for giving them so much shit about MK8 in my survey, because I didn't get the option to buy it lol.

Wouldn't buy anyway, and wouldn't buy an XL. Love the original resolution of the OG 3DS.

Didn't get an email but am wanting a Black N3DS anyways.

The XL is too big for me but thankfully they've increased the screen size of the standard unit to a decent size Smilie.

Guess I'm not loyal enough. Smilie

Side note - Is the white N3DS meant to look so grey? The Black one looks awesome!

Our member of the week

In my opinion, the whole idea and concept of face plates really removes any sense of collectibility for me? It's not so much the console that's gonna become a sought after item, it's the plates that come with it. For a collector's item, the XL model with a truly embedded logo on it, into the plastic of the console itself would have made much more sense. Here it seems a bit cheap, like they produced quickly a bunch of plates and are supplying them along with random units they already had produced. Other than the opportunity to play the new system early (with no games to really take huge advantage of it yet) I find it a bit poor...

With any luck, the system will be out a couple months later by the time Majora's Mask comes out (and Aonuma DID say that MM3D would have N3DS-exclusive features !) so they'l want to have the system out by the time that game releases: IN SPRING. That's not a whole lot of time to wait and, who knows, maybe a TRUE, worthwhile Collector's Edition N3DS XL model, purple and gold with the Majora's Mask on it, will come out ^^. One can dream right ?

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

Yeah that's what I'm hoping for, a n3DS XL MM edition, something purpely.

Btw I doubt this promotion is based on loyalty. I have been a Club Nintendo member since the GameCube, I bought tons of Nintendo games, plus all the consoles. I'm one of their best ambassadors, always promoting Nintendo to friends etc.

Maybe they saw I already had a normal and an XL 3DS, so I didn't qualify?

Take a look at my Hardware review for the N3DS to see how I felt about it when I got my hands on both of the new models! My XL review is out there somewhere too!

I would err on the site of caution, the N3DS came out here for $197 AUS which is £104! Albeit I didn't get a charging cradle or faceplates! 

Im guessing that these are some left over Australian units that they thought they'd try to sell for double the price! 

I caved. Hopefully getting it soon, seeing as how I live right next to Germany, haha.

~Getting on C3's massive tits since 2K5.~

I got mine yesterday! It's really nice Smilie I don't regret it in the slightest. The new 3d is great and although the second analogue stick is unusual it's great for monster hunter!

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