Azure Striker Gunvolt Sells over 90k Globally

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.01.2015 3

Azure Striker Gunvolt Sells over 90k Globally on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The action packed Gunvolt has sold over 90,000 copies since blasting onto Nintendo's handheld last year.

The studio confirmed the news over on Twitter today, with the figure encompassing figures from all available regions. For those unfamiliar with the side-scrolling game, Azure Striker Gunvolt features the titular character, who ventures through tough side-scrolling levels with his lightning abilities.

It's a world that's dominated by the Sumeragi Group, who control the world from a growing number of folk with psychic abilities.

Have you stepped into the world of Gunvolt yet?

Box art for Azure Striker Gunvolt

Inti Creates


Inti Creates


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Is this available in the UK yet?

Cool they should put this game on Wii U

YOu know I bought this game, but quite frankly it was under whelming.

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