Rumoured Release for New 3DS and Majora's Mask 3D

By Drew Hurley 14.01.2015 3

Rumoured Release for New 3DS and Majora

Ahead of today's Nintendo Direct an image has leaked and is currently circulating, supposedly revealing the launch date of the New Nintendo 3DS in North America.

The image (seen below) shows the release date to be February 13th. It seems Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will launch alongside the device. Thankfully, both of these can be played on a regular 3DS.

With better 3D display, faster processor, better controls and not to mention some exclusive games, it's been on a lot of people's hot lists and it seems it's reaching North America, and likely Europe, a lot sooner than expected.

What do you all think? Will you be picking one up?

Image for Rumoured Release for New 3DS and Majora
Box art for New Nintendo 3DS








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That's most likely the US release date, as the month is before the day and there are ESRB ratings on the game boxes.

I can't imagine the EU release date is far from it though considering there are already Ambassador models in the wild.

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Hope it isn't too long a wait for Xenoblade!

Whaddya know, in the end, the 13th ended up being the date for both EU and US Smilie

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