Games | Mario 128 DS/GC/Revolution?

By James Temperton 28.05.2004 1

Mario 128 will be on the....
...we don't know...but Nintendo don't either.

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed in an interview with USA site GameSpy that Mario 128 is as of yet not on a decided platform. The gaming genius said that it could appear on the GameCube or the Nintendo DS, with the Nintendo Revolution (GameCube successor) also being considered.

Miyamoto-san is the director of this supposedly benchmark title has said that he will make a final decision on the platform for the title after extensive testing and research has been carried out. This would seem to suggest that Nintendo have some sort of Nintendo Revolution testing kit, but of course this is only speculation.

Hopefully some sort of announcement will be made to brighten up a day coming to you soon

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