Fan Sets Zelda NES World Record

By David Lovato 26.01.2015 1

Fan Sets Zelda NES World Record on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

For many gamers, The Legend of Zelda for the NES was one of the first open-world adventure games, providing hours of electronic fun. One fan, however, has smashed the game's speedrun record, completing it in only 30 minutes and 29 seconds.

Twitch user Darkwing_Duck_sda used a combination of practice and wall-clipping glitches to beat his own previous record for the fastest game completion. The full run can be seen on the user's Twitch channel.

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Our member of the week

Darkwing_duck, if memory serves right, is the very same who did the speedrun on the same game live at AGDQ2015. I watched the run live, and the guy is really really good, good to know he managed to pull through in the end Smilie.

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