Beef up the New Nintendo 3DS XL Battery by up to Three Times

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.01.2015 3

Beef up the New Nintendo 3DS XL Battery by up to Three Times on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With the New Nintendo 3DS consoles coming to the West, peripherals gurus Mugen have devised a bigger battery pack.

Juice; the bane of all things portable, and something that still plagues folk on the move. With Nintendo consoles known to invoke long button bashing sessions, an extra dollop of power certainly wouldn't go amiss.

The battery clocks in at 6250mAh; over three times the capacity of the standard battery (1750mAh), but also adds a fair bit of bulk to the New Nintendo 3DS XL hardware. The battery for the New Nintendo 3DS models come in 5000mAh instead.

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Would you bolt on a separate New Nintendo 3DS battery?

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Maybe. I am traveling some and sometimes the good stuff goes low way quicker that desired. If it adds too much bulk though I can hardly justify it over having the charger as when I travel far distances inside my country I mostly go by train. But for international traveling, maybe. But usually there are landings frequently enough to charge up the battery in between.

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I have bolted for more than 2 years a larger battery to my regular 3DS, which gave it up to 17 hours of battery life. The only issue I had with it is I couldn't use my circle pad pro along with it because of the added bulk, but with the new 3DS XL I'd certainly go that route again for sure!

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Hmm, it's not too bad really for the new regular 3DS. I think I could live with the extra bulk. Though having one on a New XL would make it a bit too big, I think. x)

( Edited 29.01.2015 11:41 by Marzy )

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